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Are you struggling to finish a novel? 

Read this book and get the novel written. 

Employ a simple - yet profoundly effective - method of writing, which has proven perfect for the busy author who juggles a full-time career and balancing life's long list of responsibilities. 

Find the time to write and get the book finished. 

This book is meant to be a quick and inspirational read. A.L. Mengel, the author of "Ashes", "The Quest for Immortality" and "The Blood Decanter" shares his #Writestorm process with you, a methodology he developed while writing "The Blood Decanter" and has enabled him to complete a 100,000 word, quite complex novel, with a large and detailed cast of characters, in less than one year. 

The #Writestorm process has been embraced by several groups on Facebook, leading to #Writestorm group sessions where Independent Authors from around the world compete with one another, writing simultaneously, to achieve high word counts. Discover the details, read about and adopt the #Writestorm process in this book - written by the author himself who developed the process, and discover the A.L. Mengel style of writing. 

And #Writestorm your way to becoming a published author!




"Writing on a regular basis makes us stronger writers. We spend more time thinking about our stories. We connect with our characters on a deeper level, leading to better stories that readers enjoy."

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